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What is the cost of Studio rental?

If you buy:

10 hours - $125.00

Single – 15.00

Included are half a kiln to use when you are here. To prevent your beads from being mixed up, please mark your mandrels and write the colour of your marker on your time sheet. If you are making blown beads, please fill out one of the sheets provided, and take note of where in the kiln your pieces are

Do hours expire?  What happens if I haven’t used Studio time in 12 months?

If your time sheet has not seen any action in a year, your time sheet will be removed from the active file and any remaining hours will be deemed forfeited.  Personal glass and tools left untouched in the studio for more 12 months will be considered “abandoned” and forfeited. We will strive to contact each artist that their hours and bin are expiring.

Are Studio hours refundable?

No.  Studio hours are non-refundable and cannot be used as credit towards other items in the studio.

How long are my beads kept at the studio?

Everyone is strongly encouraged to pick up and clean their beads within a week of having made them. This will ensure that there are always mandrels available for our growing number of torchers. Beads left on mandrels for more than 2 months will be deemed “abandoned” and disposed of accordingly (unless you have made prior arrangements with us).

What to wear at the Studio?

Anyone torching is required to wear the following protective gear: natural fabric clothing – no loose floppy sleeves, flat closed-toed shoes, didymium glasses, thighs covered.  Long hair needs be tied back.  

The N-100 particulate mask is required for any work with enamels or powders, no exceptions. And staff must be advised before opening the containers.

The studio reserves the right to deny you access to the torching studio if you are not properly prepared.

Can I borrow Studio glasses, equipment etc?

If there is a class/workshop happening, any studio equipment is reserved for the students. Any extras may be used by renters on a first come, first served basis. There is no reservation of studio equipment allowed.

Your Station and clean up?

Renters must finish making their last bead and begin cleaning their stations 15 minutes before the studio closes. This includes sweeping your station, sweeping around your station if you have dropped glass, and removing any mandrels from the water and dipping them.

Renters are expected to dip any mandrels they have used and put them in the designated spot for drying.

The renter is responsible for any damage caused to studio equipment, including the torches and the concentrators. GSS Flameworking staff will go over prevention with a renter the first time they torch in the studio.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Yes, check there first if you think you may have lost or misplaced something.

GSS Flameworking is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged pieces or tools/equipment, failures of equipment, accidents caused by other renters, or breakage caused by compatibility issues.  

How do I get my beads if I take a workshop and I’m not from Ottawa?

Out-of-town students should bring a pre-paid, addressed envelope with them to class, so that we can send any work back to them. Should the envelope they provided not be an adequate size to fit all their pieces safely, the student will be charged for a new envelope of a proper size.

Are classes and workshops refundable?

Deposits are not refundable, but if we fill your spot we will gladly refund you the balance.

When do I pay my deposit and balance for a workshop?

Your deposit is due when you register.  The balance for the workshop needs to be paid 4 weeks before the workshop begins.



Am I able to return or exchange product?

Yes, with the original receipt